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Saturday, February 6, 2010

BARYO CHAKSHUR - Berachamim Single


After weeks of preparations including the song "Anim Zmirot" as a warmup to the real thing, the young singer and composer Baryo Chakshur who composed Yaakov Shwekey's big hit song "Birshus", is now coming out with his first single as a prelude to his first album that will be launched bezras Hashem in the summer.
This new song called "Berachamim" is based on the pasuk in tehillim(6, 16) and combined with other words from various pesukim to form a unique special song that is projected to be a big hit. This somg was composed by Baryo Chakshur himself and his friend Eli Asraf.
Baryo Chakshur is a resident of Netanya, Israel and is currently learning in Yeshiva Torah Vadaas in Brooklyn, NY. In America, Baryo is becoming famous as a singer and composer who captures his audience's heart with his unique voice.
In addition to his first album, he's continuing to compose new songs. even before the release of his first album, Baryo has become a popular singer invited to sing at weddings and various concerts. Now Baryo will be able to sing songs from his own album. People that have booked Baryo include Avi Kalmersky in Israel, Yehuda Nass and Miami Boys Choir. Baryo is looking forward to singing at your special event very soon.

Contact info:
Yehuda Nass


Anim Zemiros

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