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Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Release » Shlock Rock 31 » No Limits

Shlock Rock 31 NO LIMITS will be available for download, Monday October 12. The cost to download this album will be…drum roll please…whatever you want. That’s right, pay whatever you want, as he has mentioned previously. To download the album go to shlockrock.com.

Here is the information from Shlock Rock’s website:

Here is the 31st Shlock Rock Release! SHLOCK ROCK NO LIMITS
Lenny Solomon has written 12 original English songs and over 51 minutes of music for your listening pleasure! We love these songs so much we are offering you an amazing opportunity. YOU GET TO DECIDE HOW MUCH TO PAY! We call this “PAY WHAT YOU WANT!!!”

We Have Worked Very Hard and Really Want You To Have This Album!!!

After putting in your information you will receive a link to Download the Album!

Anyone paying $15 or more will also receive the CD version of the album shipped to them when it is released on December 3rd of this year! So Enjoy the Music!

JewishMusicReport.com | JewishMusic26

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review And Pictures From The Eitan And Shlomo Katz Concert !


JMR Israel | JewishMusicReport.com


The concert started with a Lubavitch Niggun called Anim Zemiros that both Eitan and Shlomo sang together.
Then Eitan took the stage and sang in this order:
Three New Songs from Baruch Hu
Ashrei Tivcharu
Galie Kivod
Ma Navu el
From Eitan Katz Unplugged
Then he sang
Baruch Hu

Niggun Dmin

Chaim Dovid sang next:
7 Sheppard’s
Open Up the Gates

Chaim Dovid and Shlomo

Shlomo Katz
Vaaf Al Pe
Yismechu: but sang it with a change as well V’Samachta B’Chagecha…
He then started with singing the Hashanah’s and then moved into Shema Koleinu
The Yarhzeit Niggun Eitan and Shlomo sang together…he said it was the 1 song he’d want to sing to R. Shlomo Carlebach if he’d still be w/us…
Od Yishama: This niggun came down the night before the wedding of Chaim Dovid’s daughter, Shifra
Kevodo Maleie Olam: He sang with his father Cantor Avshalom Katz
He then talked about how his father’s mother jumped off of the train to the gas chambers and how we all need to dream big which led into singing Niggun Nevo and then of course Niggun Neshama…the musician who really stole the show was the Violinist, whose name was Nimrod…

Pictures From The Fried MIT LIPA Concert !

You can check out many more photos at TheCoolJew.com

Photos: Baruch Ezagui

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photos From Hamaspik Event


JewishMusicReport.com | Photos By: Yitzi Engel

Shua Kessin Will Be In Toronto !

Shua Kessin’s CD will be available very soon, but if you would like to hear what this guy can do by an Ammud, then make your way to Toronto! If anyone is in Toronto or interested in visiting then email Shua@shuakessin.com


Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming Soon: Yaakov Chesed - The Passage

Yaakov Chesed will hopefully be coming out with a new CD by the end of the month - The Passage. You can check out their website at YaakovChesed.com. We hope to have some song previews on here soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Yitzy Bald Boys Choir - Practice Video

Yitzy Bald featuring a clip of his latest Production from the the “YITZY BALD BOYS CHOIR”. Enjoy !

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE IN THE YITZY BALD BOYS CHOIR? If yes then please CALL: 718-471-1828 or 917-225-3113 or EMAIL: yitzybald@gmail.com
[UPDATE: Pictures and Video In Extended Article]

Some Photos From A Recent Photo Shoot (click image to enlarge)
Courtesy: Jerry Meyer Studio

Aderet Presents: Jewish Music Mega Hits !

Aderet presents a new CD series, Jewish Music Mega Hits! This CD features 14 songs that have made it BIG. The CD is available for $9.99 or $8.99 download on MostlyMusic.com and now in stores!

Song List:

Tate (MBD)

Ma Ashiv (Avraham Fried)

Pischu Li (Michoel Streicher)

Ahalel Amalel (Yeedle)

Hotziyah (Elad Shar)

Ani Ohev (Shloime Daskal)

Pinie Lealbun (Avrumi Roth)

Yerushalayim (Bye Yedid)

Im Tayeinu (Shloime Cohen)

Al NAros Bavel (Meydad Tasa)

Emor (Yisroel & Mendy Werdyger)

Oid Oid (Yisroel Williger)

Anachnu (Yisroel Adri V’Nesanel)

Yodu LaHashem (Niggunei Viznitz)


Trendsetting Chasidic Singer Michoel Schnitzler in First-Ever Video Interview‏ VIN NEWS

Sea Gate, NY – For the past two decades, trendsetting Chasidic singer Michoel Schnitzler has been in demand at Chareidi weddings from Brooklyn to Belgium and beyond. But few know that Schnitzler was one of the very first, if not the very first, singers to regularly entertain at weddings.

Today, Michoel points out, a singer-less wedding prompts guests to query, “Where’s the singer?” But before Schnitzler’s career took off, if the singer is to be believed in his first-ever video interview conducted by Yossi Zweig of the Z Report, the now-accepted standard was virtually unheard of.

Besides breaking new ground, Michoel claims responsibility for introducing a young and wildly gifted Lipa Schmeltzer and other top talents to the Chasidic music industry. He also notes that he never allowed secular trends to influence his musical style. “I never listen to Goyishe music,” he tells his interviewer.

Michoel also speaks of the hours spent with seriously ill children and others boosting their morale, and the gratitude to Hashem that he feels for the ability to reinvigorate broken hearts.

Michoel is breaking new ground again with his latest album “Main Kind Tref Mich” the fourth in his “yiddish” series and the tenth of his career—particularly with Track #5, entitled “Der Bochur’s Tzavah.” lyrics here

The controversial song tells the story of an at-risk teen who was a regular guest at Michoel’s home. The unfortunate lad had been expelled from a succession of yeshivos, going from bad to worse and sadly succumbing to a terminal illness.

Before his passing, the young man asked Michoel to address the issue of his sorry peregrinations and those of too many like him.

The song, entitled “Der Bochur’s Tzavah,” takes on the frum society that rejects rather than embraces such suffering souls, wading into controversial territory as it minces few words to challenge a community to change, a challenge that VIN strongly supports, and commands Michoel for standing up, and bringing to the forefront the subject painful to so many.

Michoel discusses all this and more in his first-ever full-length video interview, seen exclusively on VIN

Interview Conducted By: Z Report-Yossi Zweig (TheJewishInsights.com)

Filmed By: Video Maven-Yossi Tepper

Produced and Directed By: IntelligentNoise – IntelligentNoiseAndDeli.com

VosIzneias.com | TheJewishInsights.com

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