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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NEW! Download Of The Week!

Starting this week, we are adding a download of the week. Each week, we will have a different song available to download. [AUDIO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE]

This weeks downlad is Eli Gerstner - YBC - Kel HaHodaos

New Single: Meydad Tasa - Tears / Demot

First single from the new album Tears/Demot
(Paraphrased from the Shlager article)

Critics are saying that “Dimo/Tears” is Tasa’s biggest hit since “Al Naharos Bavel”. While Tasa finishes up his next album “Ben Shel Melech”, his producer Aviad Gil, decided to release this single “Tears” from the upcoming album as a little taste of what we can expect.

(You can download the song HERE)
(View the official site for Meydad Tasa in English HERE)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

JM Derechs' Review: Ohad Moskowitz's "My Music"

Oh! It’s Ohad! For those of you who haven’t yet heard Ohad, allow me to fill you in. Ohad Moskowitz is from Israel and he has thee highest voice in Jewish music. It’s seriously not normal how high he can go. This album entitled “My Music” is a testimonial to his tremendous vocal range. This album is of the “simcha” genre. It’s filled with old, catchy songs, and attempts to sell you Ohad as a singer for your next simcha.

I was never impressed with Ohad’s albums, only because I felt the compositions weren’t so hot. However, Ohad himself is fantastic! Give him the same compositions you give Shwekey and watch him go to work. This album is Ohad’s time to shine. Listen to how talented he is and bask in the presence of this gift of a voice that Hashem bestowed upon him.

Does he shine? Read on and find out!

I’m going to include a “SKIP” or “HEAR” next to each track to let you know my thoughts on whether or not I believe it’s worth it to listen to that particular track.
Boee – (HEAR) There aren’t many words to this song and I find it interesting that he started off an album full of fast songs with a classic slow song. First of all, the music in this song is terrific, as it is throughout the album. The arrangements are top notch and he kicks tuchus in this song! 2:23 and on is WOW! This is by far the best I’ve ever heard from Ohad.

Binyan Adei Ad – (HEAR) Everyone’s favorite recent Lipa song is now in Ohad’s hands. He sings it with a litvak’s accent instead of the traditional chassidish accent. To tell you the truth, I like it more than Lipas. Hear him go crazy at 1:41 and on. Also, if you notice at 1:55, he uses MBD’s “Usid” beat.

Shabichi – (HEAR) YBC time! The child soloist he chose for this album starts out on this song. His range appears to be as high as Ohad’s – scary. The backup choir is amazing at the end of the track as well.

Ma Ma Ma - (SKIP) I’m so sick of Ma Ma Ma… hehe. No shtick in this song, just pleasant if you want to hear Ma Ma Ma for the umpteenth time.

Chavivin – (HEAR) This track is a chance for Ohad to get his energy out. Listen to how high he starts off the song.

Hentelach – (HEAR) Lift up your hand to your Father in heaven! He doubles his voice for the chorus of this song and it sounds great! Oh my gosh… Listen to 1:18, ridiculously good.

Kel Haodaos – (HEAR) Why is he starting off a Fried song with the music of Donna Summer’s “hot stuff”…?(Don’t ask how I know that song…) Regardless, he does an incredible job with this song.

Stop! – (HEAR) Why does this song start off with the music of Michael Jackson’s (Baruch dayan HaEmes) “White & Black” song? This song is a little ridiculous, but Ohad sounds great. And it’s cute how he ends the song.

Vihee Sheamda - (SKIP) It’s not as good as the other versions of this song, but it’s alright. He does have some nice Yeedle “Lakol Zeman” style guitar in the background though.

Odecha – (SKIP) Awesome electric guitar and a very short track.

Al Naharos Bavel – (SKIP) I feel like this song is better with a kids voice. Meydad Tasa is definitely the king when it comes to this song.

Vezakeni - (SKIP) This switching fast to slow songs isn’t working so well. Something about the beat in this song during the low part is off. The choir harmonies are nice though.

Lecha Keli – (SKIP) Great musical arrangements – The downside is that there is no chance for Ohad to go crazy in this song.

Sheterachameni - (SKIP) :(

No Jew – (HEAR) Yeehaw! The intro music is like “The Farmer in the Dell”! Ohad is terrific in this song! A nice pickup after a bunch of terrible tracks.

Anovim - (HEAR) This version of Yossi Green’s “Anovim” is faster, more pumped and Ohad goes crazy with the word “Omed”. The music is once again terrific and Ohad does a solid job with this instant classic.

Yiftach Beamov - (EH, YOU CHOOSE) Acapella introduction and some killer keys! The actual song is nice as well. It’s not such a great Ohad styled song. The words seem as if they are squeezed too.

Bayis Neeman – (HEAR) Ohad pulls a Yisroel Werdyger. He rocks this Illowitz composition. It’s perfect for his voice and he throws in some nice shtick that enhance the song. After hearing this, I wish the original was on an Ohad album. The only problem is, he skips the “No Problemen” part. I love that part!

Matzliach – (HEAR) Ohad’s versions of chassidish songs gone litvak continues. Ohad was stunning with Fried’s “Aderaba”, so why not “Matzliach”? Surprisingly enough, Ohad nails this song on the head. I think it’s possible that Ohad is better then Fried at his own songs.

Niggun Americe – (SKIP) This track is mostly choir. Where’s my Ohad!?

Kol Rinah – (SKIP) The last ten seconds of this track rock!

Mareh Cohen – (SKIP) The choir is too low in this track in comparison to Ohad. Ohad himself, handles the song well.

Ashrechem – (HEAR) It’s a cool song, but Ohad sounds a little funny singing it. However, the high part is sensational! That’s the “Muh Ohavti” part.

Es Dodi - (HEAR) Ahh, Baruch Hashem. Sefardi style. This is where Ohad shines! Some great sefardi chazzunos on this track. A great intro the the next section!

Rak Tefillah – (HEAR) More Avraham Fried! From his Rak Tefillah single that he released to all for download. Ohad is “WOW” on this track. I would like to see Fried & Ohad duet on this song.

Vaichun Am – (HEAR) Electric beginning. A great hora track. 1,2,3, kick left, kick right!

Elokim Sheli – (HEAR) Fast and short track. Great vocals & an amazing filler and then some!

Nigun Yishai – (SKIP) Only choir again.

Kinor David – (SKIP) The recording of the child soloist on this track sounds muffled. The music is however, fantastic once again.

Mabruk Alek – (SKIP) Not my style song. However, those who like hardcore sefardi music may enjoy it.

Yabbai – (SKIP) Same as last song.

HEAR = 17
SKIP = 14

Final Verdict:

There are a lot of new albums out there. If for some reason you really want a simcha album and you love Ohad, then by all means, go buy this album. When you compare it to Project X 3 & Non Stop Lipa, it just doesn’t hold up. However, the first part of this album is really sweet!

New Release - Michoel Schnitzler - Mein Kind Treff Mich

The all new Michoel Schnitzler CD in Yiddish “Mein Kind Treff Mich” was released Tzom Gedalya, with 11 all new Compositions by Lipa Schmelczer, Pinky Webber, Motty Ilowitz, Naftali M. Schnitzler, Shauli Grossman, Moishe Weintraub (Israel), Yeedle Hershkowitz (Israel), Hershey Fuchs, Moishe Wertzberger and Duvid Kaufman.

Michoel’s Yiddish Albums are known to be the best of its kind from Humor to Drama to great stories, for everyone to really enjoy.

Music was Arranged by the most talented in Yiddish Lyrics-Music Translator Hershy Ginsberg (London), Recorded in Israel by the most Professional Musicians, Vocal Recordings was done at Spectrasonic Studios Brooklyn, NY- engineered by my nephew Naftali M. Schnitzler, Goldman Enterprises Studios Brooklyn, NY-engineered by Chaim Itcha Goldman and at MK Studios Kiryas Yoel NY-Engineered by Moishe Krausz, mixed by Ruli Azrachi at Spectrasonic Studios, and Mastered by Larry Gates.

Cover and Booklet Graphics done by Article Image Monsey, NY, Produced and distributed by “NIGUN” 917-627-7610

Jewish Music Report

Monday, September 28, 2009

TheCoolJew.com Interviews Avraham Fried About Upcoming Fried Mit Lipa Concert

View the full article to see an interview with Avraham Fried by theCoolJew.com about the Fried Mit Lipa Concert. Click HERE to view more info about it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

G'mar Chasima Tova From JewishMusic26

The Jewish Music World (JewishMusic26) would like to wish all of our readers a G'mar Chasima Tova, and may we be inscribed and sealed in the books of life, peace, health, and prosperity.

May this year be filled with joy and happiness for all of Klal Yisrael. May we merit to see the coming of Moshiach in the year
תש"ע . AMEN!

!גמר חתימה טובה

The Jewish Music World / JewishMusic26 Staff and Admin


Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

COLlive Birthday Bash - TODAY!

COLlive.com will be celebrating its 1st birthday tommorow, September 13, 2009.


is the title/theme of this event.

The concert will begin at 2:15 PM. Some of the performers include Yosef Chaim, Shloime Taussig, Beri Weber, and many more. We have just been informed that the "Pester Rebbe" and singer Yoni Zeigelbaum have also joined.

WHERE: Crown Heights, NY on Kingston ave. between Montgomery St., and Crown St.

For more information vist COLlive.com

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Town 6 Entertainment Presents: Rock Ami!

Town 6 Entertainment & Tightrope RNY Productions

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2009
Time: 5:30pm – 11:30pm
Aluf Shaltiel, bet. Belz Yeshiva, Yad Labanim Memorial & Beit Hachayal
Jerusalem, IsraelTogether, for ONE GLORIOUS NIGHT under the stars, celebrating Z’MAN SIMCHATEINU. Come join us and BRING YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILIES.

for more information & an ADVANCE TICKET DISCOUNT of 30% OFF for a limited time…
Go to www.rnyshows.com


Fried MIT LIPA - This Chol HaMoed!

Milk & Honey Productions presents: FRIED MIT LIPA – Simchas Beis Hashoeiva. Wednesday evening Chol Hamoed Succos. October 7th 2009 7:30pm SHARP.

Brooklyn College. Special Feature: First time singing together! “Avremel & Lipa” Featuring the Shira Choir. Music by the phenomenal Freilach Orchestra. Debut performance by Yosef Chaim. Tickets $25, $36, $54, VIP.SEPARATE SEATING ONLY! For groups & information please call 718-627-1386 or go to JewishTickets.com


Succos At Twilight - Featuring 8th Day Live In Concert!

The Jewish Community of Atlanta presents
featuring 8th DAY LIVE IN CONCERT

Chol Hamoed Sukkot Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at Greenfield Hebrew Academy – 5200 Northland Drive

5:30-7:00pm. Food and family entertainment
7:00-8:30pm. 8th DAY Concert -GHA Theatre


Shlomo And Eitan Katz Concert This Chol HaMoed

The 5th AnnunalJerusalem Theatre Simchat Beis Hashoeiva CD Release concert featuring Shlomo & Eitan Katz with special guest Chaim Dovid.

Wednesday Night October 7th at 8:30pm. The Jerusalem Theatre, sherover Hall, 20 Marcus Street, Jerusalem. For more and to purchase tickets please visit www.RNYshows.com


Monday, September 7, 2009

BINYAN ADEI AD - Like Never Before

Binyan Adei Ad like you never heard it before!

On the way back from a gig Eitan Katz heard his soundman Nolan humming a song in the backseat. He immediately took out his flip recorder and started to record...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LIPA In Disney Land This Succos !

When: Tuesday October 6th, 2009
Where: Festival Arena, Disneyland® Park

Presenting “Lipa Live” – an entertainment extravaganza showcasing the talents of the Jewish Superstar, Lipa Schmeltzer in an explosion of music, dance, and color.

Pure Tiyulim is proud to announce two spectacular shows for your viewing pleasure. With the musical expertise of Master Conductor, Yisrael Lamm and his orchestra and the professional production talents of Sheya Mendlowitz these concerts will certainly be a “once in a lifetime” experience for young and old alike.

The afternoon performance will begin at 4:30pm while the evening showcase will start at 8:20pm. Both shows are perfectly timed to allow our guests to enjoy the internationally renowned Disney® Fireworks Show either immediately after the afternoon concert or prior to attending the evening showcase. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!

The location for both concerts is the Festival Arena positioned within Disneyland® Park. Click here to view our seating chart.

(PureTiyulim.com - LIPA Live In Concert)

Lineup For OHEL Concert 5770 !

This is an article featured on JewishMusicReport: Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services and the Americare Companies proudly present “MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS: Let the Journey Begin ….”

Featuring an all new format of integrated live performances by all performers and original film. Be a part of this groundbreaking experience never before produced for the Jewish music concert stage.

Starring LIPA, Ohad and Abie Rotenberg. Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, November 2nd, 2009. 7:30 PM, music by the Shloime Dachs Orchestra.