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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Farewell To Everybody, Especially You Our Readers !

(Picture courtesy of TheCoolJew.com)

It is tonight, Tuesday, June 30, 2009, that I sadly announce that I will not be posting on the blog until, August 29. I am not excited about this, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I wish I could stay and post some more but I will not be around during the summer. So this is the JewishMusic26 Admin signing off. Until next time, goodbye! I will miss you all! There will not be updates during the summer, but we will update when we have the chance. But, please check back after the summer, and look forward to the same, if not more updates and we might even change it a little. Don't think I wont miss you, of course I will miss you, our readers, the people that give us all of the support. Feel free to send us your feedback through the contact form (click the red link on the side of the blog). I will miss you, and the music, which I love. And, remember to get the new albums which posted about that are coming soon. So I will once again say GOODBYE!! Remember, look forward to more after August 29. PLEASE NOTE: E-mails will not be answered during the summer.

-- JewishMusic26 Admin