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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello Sid - Soul Dividing (Sampler)

Via: TheJewishInsights

Hello Sid band was established in 2006 while the guys were touring Israel on Machach B’aretz. Since that time, the band has been writing and performing up and down the east coast with sell out performances at venues such as The Knitting Factory and Triad Theater.

The band is comprised of:
Yakov Rozmaryn- Vocals
Jesse Strulowtiz- Guitar
Moshe Teitz- Guitar
Jake Berman- Bass
Daniel Gross- Drums

Hello Sid has won numerous Battle of the Bands and has received high praise in several media outlets including Israel National Radio, Washington Jewish Radio, New York’s Jewish Press, and the Washington Jewish Week.

The singles “Jerusalem Stone” and “It’s About You” have been featured on numerous radio stations both in America and Israel. The long anticipated debut album, Soul Dividing (2009), is scheduled to be on iTunes in the coming weeks and shortly thereafter the distribution process. For more information please visit www.myspace.com/HelloSid

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